A Mobile Ninja Physics Game

Instructions Below…
Click for a larger screen.


  • Drag across the screen to snap your ninja in the other direction.
  • Hold down on the screen to stand your Ninja up, if you still have focus (the ‘F’ icons on the top of the screen)
  • RED NINJA’s can be defeated by bumping into them.
  • Patrolling Ninjas will knock you back.
  • Defeat all RED NINJA’s to exit the level then touch the Throne with your ninja to exit the level.
  • You Lose if you run out of Focus while not on your feat.
  • You Lose if you run out of Tries.


  • Focus: 0 / 3  (Amount of remaining focus from maximum)
  • Tries: 0 / 30 (Amount of tries remaining from maximum)
  • F Icons (Amount of Focus Remaining)
  • Grey Japanese Icon (Indicates you can stand up)
  • Red Ninja Icon (Amount of Red Ninjas remaining til Exit)