If you can’t move, click in the window!

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  • Stand over a phone booth and press E to toggle “SUPER MODE”.
  • In Super Mode, you can fly… But you can’t enter buildings, drive vehicles, or collect ability icons.
  • Press G to grab victims.
  • Press G to grab Robbers while you are in Super mode (bugged).
  • You can fly robbers to Jail… or victims to the Hospital.
  • To enter flight in Super Mode, press Jump then the Space Bar.
  • To Exit flight, either press Space while in the air, or use the phone booth.
  • The gun’s ammo is limited
  • The Grappling Hook will only grab buildings.

Currently there is no real objective… tons of bugs, and missing features.  It’s really just a side project I am working on because it’s fun. 😀