About Me

jeffbw128Hello There!  Let Me Introduce Myself…
My name is Jeff Trier, and I have been involved with programming since 2001. Originally starting with a deep passion for video games and design, I began writing games using various engines such as RAD, A5, and Torque.  At the same time, I worked for the Santa Rosa Community Media Access Center (a Non-Profit TV Station), where word got out that I loved programming… and was then commissioned to create Flash based websites and tools, to help propel and promote the station I worked for.

As time marched on, I became very interested in JavaScript, and where the web was heading… which lead me to interfacing desktop based software languages with the possibilities that extend beyond “Web 2.0”.

Some Of The Languages I Have Programmed In, Include:

  • Javascript (JQuery, and Custom Classes)
  • PHP
  • ASP
  • Flash AS1 (Server), AS2, AS3
  • Visual Basic
  • Java
  • SalesForce APEX
  • VRML
  • Many Proprietary Scripting Languages for Various Engines.

From Many Of These Languages, I Have Created And Interfaced With Database Structures, Including:

  • MySQL
  • SOQL
  • XML
  • Custom Line-Feed Input/Output

… and I am always eager to learn/create more. :)

Currently, I am in the process of learning all about the sweeping sensation of WordPress (hence my not creating my own website). My hope here is to develop themes and plugins for this fun and intuitive CRM.

Thanks for Reading!
-Jeff Trier