Welcome To Simple Distractions!

Whether you need custom websites, video games, or cloud based software that can integrate with your smart-phone and other IP friendly devices… it can be done for you here!

The rate for my services can vary depending on the scope of the project… so, please click the Contact link in the menu above for a quote on pricing.

Some of the Sites, Software, and Projects I have created include:

  • Websites and/or Pages for:
    • The City of Santa Rosa (School Board, City Council, Planning Commission)
    • Luther Burbank Rose Parade and Festival
    • The Community Media Center of Santa Rosa
    • Vista Broadband Networks
    • AB2987.org
  • In-House Production for Vista Broadband Networks:
    • Service Vehicle Checklists via Mobile Phone to Cloud Database, with Date-Range Reporting.
    • Online Security Camera Viewing Tools.
    • Mobile Phone to Raspberry-Pi Command Interfaces.
    • Visual Basic Excel Reporting Tools.
    • Online Service Quote Generators, with Data-basing and PDF Generation.
    • SalesForce Inventory Management Tools.
    • SalesForce General Content Management and Administration.
  • Cloud Based Tools for The Community Media Center of Santa Rosa:
    • Online Open Video Orientation Tools, with Test Exam Features.
    • Web Content Resource Management Systems.
    • Video-to-Web City Meeting Recording/Editing Software, with Agenda Based Menu Selection.
    • Real-Time Online TV Schedule that reads data from multiple playback servers.
    • Automated Playback solution; with features including
      • The ability to upload TV programs
      • Auto-migration of uploaded programs to their appropriate playback servers.
      • Auto email responders for both issues and activity reporting.
    • BlackMagic setup for a 4-Channel TV station.

Please Note:
Many of the above tools and sites were developed professionally under a combined 13 years of employment with “The Community Media Center of Santa Rosa”, and “Vista Broadband Networks”.

Due to the loss of city funding for the Community Media Center, and my working under strict NDA guidelines for Vista… most of my work is unobtainable for display here.